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Restaurant & Bar (Full Service)

Increase Profitable Beverage Sales, Decrease Table Wait Times 

Guests are free to relax at the bar or nearby vicinity with the confidence that they will be alerted by the GuestCall paging system as soon as their table is ready. Locate customers faster to seat at open tables. The GuestCall paging system quietly notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibration the moment their tables are ready.

More efficient customer management results in better employee attitude and performance – and improved customer service.
Turn Tables Faster, Generate More Revenue Turn waiting guests into happy customers with a GuestCall restaurant paging system. GuestCall notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibration the instant their table is ready. No need for long lines or noisy overhead systems. With GuestCall, you'll easily manage your guest flow and create a quieter and more inviting environment.




Paging System Highlights


Simple Self-Installation, Completely Wireless, 1, 3 and 5 Button Pagers Available


improves Service/Care to Patients, Increases Staff Efficiency, Easy-to-Use


Compact, Convenient Pagers, Improves Staff Communications


•Table-Call System

How To Use


Call Shop Staff

Customer call staff throuth pager attached call table.
(Just press down service, Manager, or call button on receiver)


Staff Movement

Staff moves to table NO. displayed on receiver.


Order Receipt

Press cancel button after receiving customer's order or request