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Truck Warehaouse System

Effective Communications and Increased Revenues

• Manage truck drivers efficiently without blockage
• Compatible with Software program
• Send text message
• Increase staff efficiency with concise

Effective communications with drivers and between staff are essential to a satisfying customer experience. 
LEETEK on-site paging systems keep you in touch with drivers, and help to provide seamless, efficient service that keeps them coming back for more. On-site pagers also mean increased freedom for drivers, so they're able to visit gift shops, retail centers and other opportunities for you to increase add-on sales.

Paging System Highlights


Quiet Paging, Anti-Theft Feature


All Call Alert, Industry-Leading Reliability, User-Replaceable,


Rechargeable Batteries, Smart Charging, Unique System ID


•Alpha paging system

How To Use



Truck driver registers their name, Receive the pager from command center.


Waiting in Truck

Truck driver goes to truck, Truck driver waits for receiving the massaging in truck.


Loading at Duck

Truck driver goes to nominated duck, Load things.


Return Pagers to command center

After completing works, truck driver goes to command center, Return pager to command center.